#21: IRA Pub Crawl

The wait is over. It’s finally here.

To celebrate the end of the third week of podcasting, Ed takes Dan up the ‘RA, for an explosive pub crawl. This time, our puckish protagonists are tracking the trail of destruction carved across London by successive groups of Irish bandits, rebels and ne’er-do-wells. As Ed’s specialism (the IRA) meets Dan’s specialty (daytime drinking), expect 32 counties of fun.

#19: Pie & Mash

Dan and Ed head out to grab some traditional grub – but end up trying to heal the rifts in our divided country. Will our caring pairing be successful?

Listen and discover whether they manage to coalesce England, like so many boiled potatoes beneath a masher – or leave it shattered into fragments, like a brittle crust underneath a fork, surrendering to a tide of hot gravy (racism).